About Me

Am I A Blogger?

Hi, there.

It is a historical time for me to share this blog to you. Finally, I can actualize my new website that I have planned for a long time. So, this time I wanna introduce my fresh-new blog. But firstly, I must to tell you that this blog was builded and designed by Ridwan Setiawan, my classmate who has start up called sabidaring.id. So through this post, I wanna express my big thank to Ridwan for our cooperation.

This post is gonna be the first article on my blog. Let me introduce my self first. I’m Adi Permana, an amateur writer who has experience enough as journalist for two years with background education in study of communication and journalism. I start writing when I was in college and published on the campus magazine. Not only writing, I also interested in photography, graphic design, and videography (I put my portfolio on this website too on the rubric/menu Portfolio).

After obtained the degree program from State Islamic University of Sunan Gunung Djati of Bandung, I was undergoing of my career debut as journalist at one of the biggest news paper company in Bandung, and now my current job is public relations officer in one of the higher education in Bandung.

Some of you might have a question, “Why are you so late Adi to make a blog?” Yes, I recognize it, yet I have principle never too late to try new things in the life. Actually, I have been one blog with the name www.jurnaladipermana.blogspot.com since I was in college. There were many articles where you can read and still accessable until now.

The reason why I moved from my previous blog, as you know the free domain of blog it is just have a limit style and display.
But if we change with the premium domain consisting of .com, .id, .co.id, .co and etc, it will enjoyable website for visiting with the customs display and powerful themes.

And some of you might also have a second question, “Why I chose writing, especially blogging?” I just can answer that writing is my hobby. I do what I thoght will make my life useful to others. As well as I have to keep consistent and look after of my wiriting skill and develop it. I got a job and a payment by writing, so that’s why I make this blog to be more professional with premium domain and the eye cathing name www.adipermana.com. Therefore, on this blog I wanna share my ideas, opinions, and everythings with the focusing of communication, journalism, education, blogging, coulmn, and reviews.

So, if you feel that my blog is useful, interesting, and entertaining you can share it. Also you can give me criticisms and suggestions on the comment section. Eventually, please enjoy your discovering and exploration, don’t forget to give me feedback.

Thank you, warm regards,

Adi Permana

Bandung, August 6th, 2019