Jurnal #45 Social Media Diet

Jurnal #45 Social Media Diet

social media diet

It is almost every day, we spend our time surfing on social media such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and many more. Those are social media that I also you always spent with. As you know for our generation called “millenial”, social media is kind of part of our life. It is hard to keep away from that, isn’t it?

But for some moments and reasons, I decided to do “puasa medsos” for a week in the end of June influenced by some of Greatmind videos on its YouTube channel titled “Puasa Media Sosial” and “Digital Minimalism” from Marissa Anita, she is my fav news presenter. That’s a good video guys you have to watch it and I will share the link below.

On Marissa’s Mind: Puasa Media Sosial – YouTube

Also this one

On Marissa’s Mind: Digital Minimalism – YouTube

After watched those video, it try to socmed diet. Yet I don’t open my socmed or deactivated it, I just kept logging out and never saw my friends’ posts/stories/tweets. Sometimes, I still opened my socmed for the job matters or home work from PC (but sometimes, I have been tagged by my friend and my lecture when I presented my home work during the class. So that i needed to repost story, sorry but that’s it, I swear)

And you know, the socmed diet is really work for me. Now I have my focus back and able to accomplised my work fastly and effectively than before. For you who read this article you have to try to do “Socmed Diet” coz it is quite challenging also really give a full impact.

Emmm…to be honest I am currently not focus to do my work or home work. It was like 10 minute doing assignmet and 30 minute scrolling socmed. My friend said that I’m in the toxic social media situation. It is the condition that someone always keep on scrolling, posting, commenting, liking every posts that they interested in. Because of that, so they brains are filled of information that interferes to focus and concentration.

In addition to work and doing homework that takes longer to be finished, I also encounter the difficult condition to concentrate on reading the books, even though the queue of books to be read and finished was quite a lot. Aaah…so I try to detox my activity on social media. I don’t wanna see my followers status, story or something like that.

And… after social media diet for a week I feel more better and have a positif energy for my mental health.

So because of that, I decided to continue my socmed diet for a month on this July start day 1 until day 31. Wow it such a big challenge for me. While doing it, I have listed many activities to do such as increasing my English level, reading more books, writing private journal, watching movies, workout, running, and more. Aaaah cannot wait to looking forward what will happen to Adi after a month doing socmed diet. Hopefully I can be a new version of Adi with different self concept, calmer, has a positive thinking, and to be more productive person. Yeah!

Oya, I still can be contacted through WhatsApp or Telegram. Catch me up there, ya. Thank you hehe.

*Fyi, this is the first time I am blogging in English. I Hope, I don’t get bullying for my bad grammar and limited vocabulary. But it is so fun for the writing processing 😂

Adi Permana

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